New Custom Gaming Computer Under $1000 (Need Advice!)

Purchase Date: The Sooner the better.

Budget Range: $800-$1000

System Use From Most to Least: Modern Gaming (World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Counter-Strike Source. Would love a smooth gaming experience.), Surfing the Web, Streaming Gameplay, Watching Movies.

Parts Required: CD/DVD Burner, CPU, HDD, Keyboard, Mouse, Memory, Monitor (preferably a 19-20 inch), Motherboard, Power Supply, Headset, Video Card. The only thing I don't need is the computer case because I have one already picked out for myself.
Here is the computer case:

Preferred Webiste for Parts:

Country of Origin: Canada

Parts: I have a really crappy computer right now and I really want a computer made for gaming (under $900 please). I'm fine with a CD/DVD Burner that is not the greatest but will do the job (cheap), a good CPU for gaming, a good amount of HDD space, a nice keyboard, a nice mouse (doesn't have to be the perfect gaming mouse but a regular one is fine), I'm fine with 2GB memory but I would love 4GB(as long as it doesn't conflict with my budget), a monitor (like stated above, preferably a 19 or 20 inch monitor), a good motherboard (that will be able to support everything here), a power supply (also one that can support everything here), a headset that is great for online chatting while in a game (ventrilo or skype), and a nice 1GB video card (or better if it doesn't conflict with my budget but something that will make my gameplay nice and smooth).

Overclocking: I'm not quite sure how this works but if someone can tell me what this is and if I should or shouldn't that would be great.

Preferred OS: Windows 7 (I heard that this OS was great for gaming. If not then please tell me)

SLI or Crossfire: Not really sure what this is. If someone could explain this to me as well that would be great. :)

Monitor Resolution: Full HD

Additional Comments: I can build this computer myself and I really need all the advice and help I can get from everyone and anyone! :) Please do the best you can to keep it in budget as I am not rich. Also, if you could provide me with links that would be perfect and try to remember to tell me about overclocking. This gaming computer will be waited for from years ago and will make me super happy. I will eventually get speakers and a printer but that will be later on after I purchase all of my parts, build and play it for a couple months.


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  1. Heres an idea for the tower and the monitor.
  2. Okay, do you have one for because I live in Canada not the USA. And also I have a case selected but I need a headset, CD/DVD Burner, keyboard, and mouse still.
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  4. KB + Mouse - This seems good...

    As for the headset, it is a matter of preference, so first try few headsets, see which is comfortable and get that...
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  6. What about the CPU ? If the PC is mainly for gaming, then that X3 would suffice IMO,...
    But if you still want a more powerful CPU, then maybe this
    Or at the max this -
  7. lol im sorry gkay i forgot that the CPU was included in the combo there lol
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