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Hey everyone, quick question. I recently acquired a gtx 260 superclocked and have been thinking about overclocking it some more. I have thought about doing things like this in the past but with the EVGA precision tool it seems like it would not be too difficult. My question is, is there some sort of software that tells you what you can safely overclock your gpu to? I am running the standard settings atm (602/1296/1026 while not gaming) and am wondering if I cant get some more juice out of it. Thanks.
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  1. ct1615 said:
    look for reviews of that card, they will often post the limits of what the card can be OC to

    But I also assume that it depends not just on the card, but your computer also, correct?
  2. EVGA's forums are an excellent source of information regarding their cards. And yes, overclocking performance gains can be affected by the rest of the PC, particularly by the CPU.
  3. I do not have the 216 version, I'm not sure if you do. I also have SLI so that makes its harder to OC, but mine are stable and cool at 674/1451/1050. You can go a lot higher with 216, and you can probably get a lot higher becuase you don't have SLI.
    You can try dropping the memory to 1025 or so and pushing the core clock higher.

    Its not much of an OC, but its a pretty good stable base, I'd mess with it more, but I realized I getting going to much real world difference from overclocking so I just stopped messing with it.
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