BSOD errors, need help!

Hello, I have BSOD Problem's. I get a lot of errors. I have used BlueScreenView to find the errors and I have posted snapshots of the results.

My System specs are:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @3.00GHz
Graphics Card: Nvidia 9400 GT
Motherboard: Gigabyte EP31-DS3L
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home SP3

Here is the link to the images:
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  1. It looks to be windows drivers creating the BSOD's I would perform a repair install of windows and see if it sorts it.
  2. yeah i tried, seems to be my RAM
  3. I already tried that, but it said no errors but I only ran it for 2 hours. I still think its RAM but now i'm getting a few more errors, so it can be the Motherboard or the Graphics Card.
  4. If it is the GPU would would probably get hangs without BSOD's in 3d applications. Motherboard is more likely. You need to run memtest about 6-8 hours to be sure.
  5. ok, will post results once finished
  6. Seems like a RAM error, but the funny thing is that I ran the test twice and the error only came up once. (ran both tests for 7 hours)
  7. Found the error, it seems to be the fans, someone had removed most of my fans, so I only had the PSU fan, CPU fan and GPU fan left.
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