Bad stuttering in games

hi all, i'm new in the forum and i'll try to explain the problem as best as i can with my not-so-good english...

a few days ago while playing team fortress 2 (multiplayer) i've noticed some crappy "lags" when moving around...i thought that probably it was some game lag or maybe that i was loosing some fps, but i was wrong. Fraps shows me that my fps are damn good like constantly over 120 or so, and my ping in game is always by day the problem is getting worse so i've searched in google founding a new word to me: microstuttering :whistle: . That's the point, microstuttering seems to affect only dual gpus, sli and crossfirex systems and i'm playing with a single videocard but the effect on my pc is totally like stuttering...2 days ago i've formatted my disk but the problem is still here, today i've changed my HD 5870 Vapor X with a Nvidia GTX295 (dual gpu) to make the same tests i've tried with the ATI card, disabling v-sync running on single gpu and multigpu but the problem is still here...two completely differents videocards with latest drivers and the "stuttering-lag" is still here and getting worse...i think i'm getting crazy now cause my games are running terribily bad and choppy, temps are ok and my rig is lot above system requirements, so i can't believe that i'm having some performance issues...last week my pc was running smooth and perfectly like always :(

could be any motherboard issue? maybe i've bought a defective one? i have to say that since i've changed mobo i'm having several electro-noises like this video

this is my rig:

i7 930 (not overclocked)
HD 5870 Vapor X
Gigabyte x58a-ud3r
6gb Corsair Dominator DDR3 @ 1600mhz Tri Channel
ssd Intel X25-M G2 80gb
Corsair TX850w
os Win7 64bit

games tested (same choppynes in each game):

Team Fortress 2
Mafia 2

sry for long writing...
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  1. Your best bet would be calling Sapphire tech support. You could most likely get an RMA for the card if it's a hardware related issue.
  2. thx for fast response :)

    i'm having the same problem with the Nvidia GTX295 so i don't think that is my ATI card the problem...maybe i'm in the wrong section of the forum but i really don't know where to ask...
  3. You are using 3sticks of RAM, right?
    Then try each stick individually, see whether the "lags" are still there or not...
  4. uhm, ok, i'll try this today after work but i think that run that games with only 2gb of ram is kind an hazzard...
  5. ok, but team fortress 2 had always run great on my pc, and i have stuttering issues even with Nvidia gtx295 (i've tried yesterday)...turning on my pc few minutes ago 2 hdd had disappeared, i've checked the sata connectors and were ok, just rebooted and the ghosts hdd are back...maybe is my mobo going mad?
  6. i have lag-stuttering issues also with Worms Reloaded lol.
  7. wow, Ive never had a 'microstuttering ' before...
    is there any other graphics cards you can test on?
    also you could try wiping your drivers and reinstall them
  8. i have problems with both cards: hd 5870 and gtx 295...i think that is not a gpu problem...
  9. Redchord said:
    i have problems with both cards: hd 5870 and gtx 295...i think that is not a gpu problem...

    When your game stutters is the HDD indicator led on the pc case flashing?
  10. try lower detail settings in the games that stutter that should help
  11. ok, these are 2 videos with the hdd led, sry for horrible quality i've used mms quality with my cellphone, btw the light is visible >.<

    while playing

    not playing
  12. considering that this isn't a gpu issue!

    well do what wa1 said, or atleast use 2 sticks at once (i dnt smell a problem with running games with 4 gb)
    if the problem persists run ur machine with a new hdd (or from a friend's maybe)

    can be a mobo issue too
    (personally if i were u i would be happy to find that my hdd is bieng cooked instead of my NEW MOBO)
  13. i would be happy to know that is a mobo issue cause i have an Intel SSD and is more expensive than my mobo :P (and theoretically has a lot of life hours)
    watch the youtube video in my 1st post above cause my x58a-ud3r has a very very similar issue...
  14. agreed,
    but u should check hdd. and ram also.
    i watched ur vid and read the comments also. commenters were also going for the hdd not capacitors poping off ,

    just a suggestion
  15. each stick of ram tested now in each different slot playing team fortress 2...nothing changes :|
  16. what does fraps show now? still 120+fps?

    may be i m being silly but if nothing is working i'll say that if that's still happening its refresh rate issue u should test on another monitor or change to a lower res (at 60hertz).

    wild guess,,,,, cuz i cant figure why fraps was showing high framerates and u coudn't see????
  17. i think that something in my hardware is going bad and i want to find it...i already have a 60hz monitor, and always played with vsync in every game, i've disabled it to take a look at my real fps and they are always good...the issue is something very similar to this if not the same

    don't look at comments, i've tried all possible options to fix it (also tried 2 differents videocards) and actually i have this issue almost in every game...
  18. yo don't say you've tried all options.. (dnt loose hope)
    test ur hdd in your friend's pc.
    mine is a ide 5200rpm ={
    but my led almost stays out while i am surfing net or watching movies.
    not like your's

    so be it an intel ssd in my opinion try it on another pc (since you've tried all try this one as a last resort, cuz testing a mobo would be harder than this, check that too but after the portable thingy)
  19. ehi, sorry for disappearing, i'm back today with my new mother board (Asus Rampage II Gene) so in a few hours i'll be back with news about stuttering...for now the 1st good thing is that the electrical noise from my case is finally gone...and thank you for being so kind :)

    ps. a friend of mine has the hdd led almost always on when surfing net or doing nothing and has no issues with games...
  20. i've played team fortress 2 using vsync (that was amplifying the problem) and well...stuttering is gone :O the way i'm downloading mafia 2 and if it will run smooth as tf2 i'll can say that was definitely a mobo issue...
  21. gud luck with that, glad to know ur problem is about to get solved
  22. back again with latest news...i think i was wrong (sadness). the lag was back in no time with Team Fortress 2 but a friend of mine finally told me that this game has several problems with vsync (not with me, until now), and the only way to play perfectly is disabling it. the strange thing is that i have almost the same issue in mafia 2 but turning off vsync does not help, maybe i'm unlucky...yesterday i've activated and played Darksiders (always on steam) for half an hour and it runs great with no issues at all, no lags no stutter, just perfect. i think i'm gonna hate Mafia 2 instead of my PC :/
  23. yeah mafia II makes my rig stutter a bit here and there as well, mostly in driving scenes and not at all almost on footjavascript:%20validform(this);
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