After upgrading ram in Windows 7 laptop fan spins up every boot

Hello all,

I recently uploaded the ram in my Asus N61jq laptop (running Windows 7 64 bit). After I started the machine I noticed that the spins up to maximum for the duration of boot. As soon as I log in on Windows the fan spins back down to the normal speed. This is really annoying especially when I need to start up my laptop discretely. What would cause this to happen?

This is the ram that I purchased for my machine:

The ram works completely fine and I've had no problems with it other than with my fan.
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  1. Hm, this happens on my desktop also. Anyone else know?
  2. This isn't all the uncommon, you can try 'Restore Defaults' under the Save & Exit options in the BIOS. Normally, I have my notebook go into Hibernation when I close my lid and the time to startup is reduced and there shouldn't be a 'fan problem' coming out from that state.

    Q - did this 'Fan problem' always occur from the time of purchase?

    Also keep in mind the BIOS checking 8GB of RAM is an increased load to the CPU.
  3. amuffin said:
    Hm, this happens on my desktop also. Anyone else know?

    Different reason. Example if you have an ASUS with a typical HSF then QFan -> Enabled <or> similar BIOS CPU Fan control.
  4. This has never happened. The moment I added the new ram sticks the very first boot was very loud. I haven't touched the BIOS.

    It's peculiar because as soon as I log into windows the fan immediately goes silent. I think it's something software or BIOS related.
  5. Then additional time it takes the BIOS to 'test' and register the added RAM the CPU Fan is running fast by default. You can test this by removing one of the sticks of RAM.

    Since this is prior to Windows loading I have my doubts it's OS related, but you can try running MSCONFIG -> select Diagnostic and reboot. If there's a change then place in normal startup then under Startup items uncheck all that are listed reboot and if necessary Services uncheck all non-Microsoft.
  6. Okay, say it's not OS related. Is there any way for me to prevent it from spinning up while it's still in BIOS?
  7. When I searched the manual nothing was noted regarding 'fan' control, about the only setting that made any sense was as I stated ''Restore Defaults' under the Save & Exit options'.

    You might want to place a post in ASUS forum -> Otherwise you might want to consider upgrading the BIOS ->
  8. Reason: In Bios (post) the CPU runs at the full default speed (ie My I5-2410M is 2.3 Ghz) after windows 7 is loaded this speed is reduced to approx 1.6 GHz. Much less heat, therefore the fan runs at a reduced speed. You can verify this by running an app to increase the CPU speed and checking fan speed for the normal cpu speed.

    Will check my SB laptop when I get home.

    But as jaquith indicated, the loading during post would also increase with additional ram. The fan will probably run at full spead Until the bios has loaded allowing the speed to be controled by the temp of the CPU. Then it will be based on the bios setting. laptops are known for their LIMITed bios settings.
  9. Okay. That makes sense, but would it be possible for me to change any settings in the BIOS to reduce the fan speed manually if it doesn't do it on it's own?
  10. Basically the processor runs at full speed and load during post / memcheck / boot. You don't want to turn your fan down because your temps (which are more fragile than desktops) will get too hot.

    The reason you didn't notice this before was because the post / memcheck happened much faster due to a smaller amount of ram that it was checking.
  11. I was only going from 4 to 8 gigs of ram. Though feasible, I don't think that's what it is doing...
  12. It is probably worth the time to check your RAM. To do this create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest, download the ISO/zip file and burn a CD/DVD. Boot off the CD/DVD and test for 2-4 passes to see if there are any errors. In addition, IF you have any periferials including 'media' in the CD/DVD and/or memory 'cards' remove them. Next, boot with each stick of RAM (1) at a time to test the booting characteristics.

    IF the only notable difference is 4GB vs 8GB, no Memtest errors, then there is the 'problem' as already explained. Meaning there might not be a 'fix' to the CPU fan during the boot time, and this is a 'normal' behavior for your Notebook -- irritating as it may be. As I mentioned, use Hibernation -- if your Notebook is 'stable' then Hibernation works like a charm. On mine I boot once every week or two...

    Again, looking at your very limited manual I didn't see any BIOS to modify the CPU Fan behavior during booting.

    Memtest -
  13. I don't have any recordable media that I can burn a boot image onto, but I've had the ram for more than a month and it seems completely fine. I haven't had any crashes or problems with the ram sticks outside of the fan spinning up during boot.

    I just find it hard to believe that simply upgrading the amount of RAM I have in my laptop would cause it to spin it's fan at maximum speed until Windows boots. I have never once encountered this before in any other computer that I have used. Perhaps it's the fan on the video chipset on my computer that speeds up?

    I have searched the BIOS options and have not found any setting for that either.

    Even booting from hibernation causes the fan to spin up until Windows loads. Restarting a computer that is already on, however does not cause it to spin up. This problem is especially frustrating if I am turning my computer on in a quiet environment such as in a library or lecture hall.
  14. IF Low Fan = Less RAM AND High Fan = More RAM -- then start believing at least for your Notebook.

    IF it's a real annoyance then contact ASUS -> and/or start a Ticket -> Click Support.
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