Vga to dvi adapter with ati 4770

hey guys,

i was thinking of getting a one of those ati 4770, but i realize that my monitor it's only vga capable.
do you think there's an working vga to dvi adapter outhere that can work for me.

Help, i want to play!!! :(
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  1. Yep, very cheap. Hopefully the card will come with one though - I've had some tolerance issues on some of the retail converters. Which card are you looking at specifically?
  2. well im deciding between the 4770/4850 and nvidea gts 250... give me your master advise :D
  3. What are the rest of your system specs? The 4850 and GTS250 are about the same.
  4. well... phenom II X4 9850, 2gb ram(im putting 2gb more when i by the video card), 500gb, windows 7 ultimate. im not a total gamer, i just wan to buy something that worth the money :D
  5. Hard choice. Both the 4850 and GTS250 are solid cards that are still a good bargain today. 4770 offers near 4850 performance but at 30W less, which means cooler running too. What are the approximate costs for each?
  6. The 4850 = 130$, 5770 =150$ ant the GTS250 136$.
  7. i allways buy at amazon, but i can make esceptions XD. I want to know what you really think about Newegg over amazon...
  8. Amazon can have some great prices, and they are good. But, I've been shopping at Newegg since 2004ish and I've spent quite a large amount of money there. I've NEVER had a problem with them. Fast shipping, good prices. If you're in the US and arn't going to pick up the items your self at Microcenter or Fry's, I would recommend Newegg over anything. Amazon can get some crazy good deals, however.

    But with Newegg. the GTS250 is cheaper (and its a great version).
  9. If Newegg is cheaper (and you are in the US of course) go with them for sure. They have been very good to me in general (bending the rules now and then to make things right, extremely efficient) with only one or two messups (poor packaging, but it appears to have been remedied).

    That GTS250 does look nice!
  10. well i think i'll go for the GTS250. thanks guys.
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