Upgrading Pre-Built PC with New Parts

This forum has given some good advice before, so I am hoping you can help me as well.
p.s. - I'm not sure if this was the proper category for this thread. Sorry

I have an old HP PC from I think about 3-4 years ago.
This model:
I'm not exactly sure what the MOBO is though.
When I first bought it, I added a nVidia 7950GT.

Recently, I upgraded some parts.


Power Supply:



and I also added an extra 1GB of ram.
I'm running Windows 7 Home 64-bit.

My friend told me that this would make my PC better at running newer games, but I'm not happy with just this.

I was wondering if my old MOBO and CPU are holding back my PC's performance.

I plan on spending about $1000 by Christmas on upgrades. Any advice?

Thanks! Sorry if I'm missing needed info.

Additional info:
I use my PC mainly for watching HD content and playing games (Civ 5, Fallout, L4D2, Mass Effect 2., etc.)
No video editing, CAD, or high-resource programs.
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  1. Its true that once real world full hd/AA+AF gaming is concerned is on the table - the bottleneck passes back to the CPU However u have a GT240 which is only as good as a previous gen 9600GT If u want to move several notches up anything like your chip, E2xxx just cannot cut it So in summary

    a. Tone down res/settings for playable frames with latest games with current rig
    b. With $1k and carefully picked out parts one could build a spanking new gaming monster hehe
  2. A dual core Athlon 4200+ is a really weak processor by today's standards. You need a motherboard/processor/memory upgrade at this point. Do that first. The 240 is also not a top end GPU, but plugging it into a modern board with Quad core processor running at 3 ghz and about 4 gig of DDR3 memory will net you some pretty big returns over what you have now. Yeah, your CPU is a big bottleneck here.
  3. Thank you for your advice!

    Ok, glad to know I was right about the CPU. Sad to hear the gpu is barely midrange (should've done my research before taking the guys advice).

    Should I just upgrade my mobo and CPU to match my current gpu, and save up my money for some upcoming tech for a new pc? Or should i really upgrade everything now? I don't really know what's on the horizon for computer tech.

    Vada: I don't know anything about mobos, but it seems strange that the mobo is only $20 while everything else is $200+? I thought I would need a higher end mobo to run the high-end CPU and gpu.

    And what's too much ram? Will I ever need more than 4 or 6 gb for gaming needs?

    Thanks again!
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    no not really all a gpu needs is a pci-e slot
    and if u really want to save up money then thers some really cool stuff on the horizon
    like nvidea's gtx 580 and intel's I5 SB (sandy bridge)
    though u might have to wait for it until feb 2011 itz a good shot
  5. and btw games like crysis need a good 8gb ram to play at ultra
    and also u will not need to invest (too much) in the future if u get ddr 3 ram we can expect ddr3 to rule for quite a while and usb 3.0 is quite new too !
  6. Thanks again for all the info!!
    I try to see what I can do for this pc now.
    You guys are great
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