Tons of frame stuttering in games...

Could this be a hard drive issue? I have the right video card drivers, my PC is easily capable of handling the games I'm playing, yet I get tons of frame stuttering in every game I try to play

For example, I was trying to play mass effect in 1600*900 at max settings and I'm seeing this problem.

My specs are:

athlon II x4 640
gtx 465
4GB DDR3 1333MHz

My hard drive is a spinpoint F3.
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  1. Its not your hardrive at all. That is a good hard drive. Is that the only game it happens on?
  2. I tend to see it in every game I play. Other games I have ran are:

    -team fortress 2
    -world of warcraft
    -civilization IV

    Happens in every one of them...

    Edit: actually, I will admit it's not very prominent in WoW.
  3. What's your power supply?
  4. skolpo said:
    What's your power supply?

    An antec earthwatts 650w.
  5. Are the power connectors firmly connected to the graphics card? Is there any popup from nVidia stating a power inefficiency? And how bad are the stutters? What's your FPS in the games you're encountering trouble with?
  6. Are you sure you have the newest Drivers? If you are 100 percent you have the newest Nvidia drivers you can try the new "beta" drivers that are unreleased.
  7. The stuttering is pretty bad. Messing with the graphics quality doesn't seem to affect it at all. The framerates bounce from 60 to like 15 and back. I am playing with vertical sync on. I'll try looking at the power connectors and reinstalling the drivers.
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