FFXIV Shadows + Other Problems [5970]

Hi there,

I have this posted in FFXIV forums, but no one seems to know what is causing it, nor is anyone else really having the same problems. I know it's a long stretch to post this here, as I am sure most of you are unfamiliar with the game, but perhaps there will be some sort of relation with my problems known issues caused by hardware in my system. I have put my first post in the quote, as well as any further analysis and discoveries below.

The Problems

FPS is NOT the problem from what I see. I seem to run at 45-60. However I am noticing odd things I have never noticed with any other game. From what I've conversed with my friends, they don't have the same problem, and their computers are not quite as good as mine.

Zooming in/out and camera rotation is choppy.

It feels like its moving in intervals instead of a steady pace. I don't really know how to explain it, but other games it feels like while I zoom in, it goes in a fluid motion, like:

1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5

But so far with FF14 it feels choppy and jumpy, like:

1 -> 3 -> 5

I guess I could FRAPs it, if people don't understand I'll do that. Is this normal? What is causing this? It happens both in Windowed and Full Screen.

While moving I notice the screen dislodging from where it should be.

For example the top 30% of my screen would appear to be separated from the bottom 70% sometimes. Very annoying and makes the game appear choppy when it really isn't. This is my biggest problem with the performance, the same sort of behavior seems to happen consistently and in multiple areas.

Glitching and a form of ghosting?

This is a weird one. It happened a couple times during the Gridania cutscene (Which is phenomena- Also, somewhat of a spoiler, but not really in the next couple lines, if you want a hundred percent surprise on it, don't read forward), with the scene with the boy, at one point he was looking forward, and the screen skipped and a shadow/image flashed of him looking the other way, then flashed back.

Y'know when you have like, a video or some form of window open in the background while you are in a game, and sometimes the outline of it flashes in your game screen (like when you get MSN'd, etc), it felt like that was happening constantly while playing. Nothing was running though.

Distortion (don't know how to explain it) and muffled areas on certain parts of the screen, most noticeably under the nose during character creation.

Happens in a lot of areas, mainly noticeable in the character screen though, and very annoying to look at.

The Setup

i7-930 @4200
Coolermaster Haf 922
G.SKILL F3-12800CL6T-6GBPI Pi Series 6GB 3X2GB DDR3-1600 CL6-8-6-20
5970 @ stock
G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 120GB SSD
Dell 2407WFP
Win7 64

The Configuration

Display Mode: Full Screen / Windowed
Window Size: 1900x1200
Multisampling: No AA currently
Buffer Size: Resolution
Shadow Detail: Standard

No checks on any of the three in Video Settings
Texture Quality: High
Texture Filtering: Highest

I have been able to slightly fix the dislodging problems by forcing vSync, but it only works in Windowed mode. The problem is worse than normal if I play in Full Screen (Which I kind of want to do considering my video card).

As for an update on the shadows, which is probably the most annoying out of everything so far... here are some pictures, on varying levels of shadow detail. You may need to click on the image to get a closer view.



- Shadows on my characters back, as well as the NPCs face.


- Shadows on the best NPC in existences chest and lower face.


- Shadows on the creepers chest.

No one else is receiving shadows that look like this.

Anyways, thank you for any help you may give me. I am running out of options and becoming quite annoyed. Hopefully someone here can help, you guys always do =)
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  1. I'm playing Beta, and there is a lot of freakin problems, its almost unplayable for me.
    No matter what I do, even if I turn the graphics ALL the way to the minimum the same thing happens, every 5 or 6 steps my character takes, the screen "jumps" down. Lack of hardware mouse acceleration makes the game nearly unplayable anyway.

    I know a person with SLI 460's that is having graphical problems, as well as someone with a 5970.

    I havn't seen that shadow problem you're having, but I say just wait for patches/new drivers with FFXIV support.

    According to the beta support forums computers that are highly above minimum specs are having a hard time "handling" the game.
  2. many people suffer with the same problem like yours...
  3. Not really.

    Most of the problems people come up with in this game are due to poor systems. There aren't really many cases of these problems on someone with a high end system.
  4. I have the same problem with the strange shadows as well.
    I have the 5970 with an amd 965 be
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