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Hi I just finished reading the Marathon $2000 Sept. build. I was wondering what the community thought about EVGA GeForce GTX 480 SuperClocked+ w/ High Flow Bracket and Backplate compared to the Msi GTX 480 that is listed in the article.

The price difference is ~$20, the evga has 26Mhz faster gpu, the memory clock speed is about 100MHz faster. But what I've been trying to find out is that EVGA is supposely a true openGL 4.0 while everything else is 3.2 including the MSI listed. Is this true and is this a big difference since the 4xx series was suppose to be 4.0? Also is worth the extra $20?

MSI Globals site for the 480 card

EVGA site for the 480 card. The openGL is listed under features page.
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  1. I'm pretty sure the eVGA is also openGL 3.2 unless you can direct me to an article stating otherwise.

    When buying a graphics card, I always go for the cheapest one since a factory overclock isn't a big deal to me as I can overclock it myself. However, I'm a fan of eVGA and their warranty offers. So, if you're going to drop a bunch of cash on the card anyway, I'd go with the eVGA superclock just because eVGA has a great warranty and great customer service. And from what I've heard, MSI's customer service is pretty bad.

    EDIT: Figured it out. All new gen cards support opengl 4.0.
  2. For twenty bucks, why not? But the gains from the high flow stuff is minimal - just look it up - people have tested it and it doesn't help out that much - the speed rating difference... also fairly neglegable

    Whats most important is evgas sick warranty

    Also the drivers will determine what version of opengl will be accelerated - some cards may be packaged with drivers that were older or something...
  3. Thanks for the replies. I know its rather trival but it just a discrepancy that I have notice in doing my research. Also thank you for califying that it is a driver issue not an hardware issue like DirectX11 compare to older versions.
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