External Hdd, need to assign letter, but cant

i have a problem with an external HDD, 2TB samsung, some problems over its life, but not normally too problematic. It needs a drive letter assigned, i can see 2 partitions on it in devicemgr, which leads me to believe, it may be format to linux/ubuntu, possibly its an ext3 or 4, I installed ubuntu yesterday, and have a horrible feeling i may have format the external disk... thats the only thing that i can think of that would make it act like this, a really stupid move if thats what happened. 1 partition is 10GB which was a part i created for borrow space, i didnt think i put that on the external, hell i didnt think the external was plugged in, but that would make a lot of sense. Just wondering if there was a way i could get around having to get another hdd to copy the files through a utility to the new disk and reformat the old one? i dont want to lose any data on the old disk....

any help would be great, any rock throwing, would be expected, please, be nice though, this isnt 4chan, lol.
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  1. think i have found my own solution, i need to get a ntfs format disk, and use a partition recovery, basically whats happened is the drive has been format to ext3, so losing all my data, but i am confident i can recover most of it
  2. Your taking a step FURTHER away formatting the drive

    boot into linux and see if that will read/detect (download a live cd if you have to), next thing would be to test the hdd make sure its actually aok and its not a corruption from a hardware fault/failure

    third is to see if you can run chkdsk on it (that requires a drive letter to point to - may not work)

    if that doesn't work YOU DONT NEED TO FORMAT THE DISK just get some recovery software and do whats called a "raw" recovery -- it basically just pulls ALL available data off the HDD

    you will recover more from this method then formatting then recovering (more steps away from what you want)

    What you should really have and this goes for everyone is A BACKUP OF YOUR DATA

    Don't know how many times i have to say this to everyone, businesses, clients, family, friends, EVERYONE.
  3. well the disk is fine itself, however, using an ext viewer, i can only see what appears to be ubuntu install data, just why exactly im not too sure, if i remember what i shamefully did (pulled out the ps3 charger instead of external hdd usb) i set 10GB of the external as borrow space for the install, but thats reformatted over the inital ntfs, so i will just try to run a recovery, as i only have 2 TB over 2 internal disks, (i dont really want to run dynamic, i would rather have separate disks for safety). Ill try to recover to another external hdd, if i can save anything through easeus then.. well.. YAY... if not, that really bums me out, but ive learnt my lesson, so if i just have 2 empty disks there at the end of it all, then at least i have a start to building NAS or something safer then what i have at the moment. this has been a fair bit of a wake up call, i just hope that i can salvage something, i mean, the reformat to ext3 didnt take any noticeable time, so hopefully there will be enough there to recover the previous ntfs volume
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