GTX 260 to my Samsung DynaFlat HD

I'm attempting to display my desktop PC which has an nvidia GTX 260 on my Samsung DynaFlat HD TV by using a 7 Pin Mini Din to Component cable. The TV does not have any vga or hdmi inputs so my only choice for getting a high resolution image on my TV is by running through component. I've tried a handful of different resolutions and always with the same results; I get no picture on my TV save for some odd flickering when the PC is connected. I'm wondering if the adapter I have is the appropriate one as well as if I'm going to be able to pull this off at all. Currently I'm running a straight S-Video connection which works but doesn't look very good at all. For the record the reason I'm bothering with this at all is that my monitor recently died and I wont be able to afford a replacement for a month or so and am looking for a temporary setup that will allow me to continue gaming and web browsing.

Video card:

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  1. Well, your monitor doesn't have VGA or HDMI?
    How about DVI? You can try DVI connection since your card also has it...
  2. A DVI to component adapter may work better. I believe they are usually $5-10.
  3. Was the TV powered on before booting into Windows 7?

    Is the TV-Out feature under Device Selection of the Display Control Panel enabled?

    Is the TV properly detected by Windows 7?
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