Gtx 460 problems:

Hey guys just got a new GTX 460, i installed it into my PC and updated the drivers from the Nvidia website but as soon as i restart the PC it wont go past the Windows load screen the screen just goes black and then goes into standby. anyone know why this may be happening.

I have tried to uninstal the drivers and then re instal in safe mode but the same thing keeps happening. I also get this pop-up for new hardware saying that it has found new hardware to do with Audio but when i search for the drivers on the CD which came with the card it says it cannot find the cabinet file.

Tried several different things and nothing seems to work at all. any suggestions would be great.
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  1. What is your motherboard? have an onboard graphic on it?
    If yes then try to disable it from BIOS...
  2. The card i had before it was a 9800 GT and i had no probelms at all and didnt have to disable anything. but i will try that thanks and re post if it is successful
  3. What is your PSU? brand? model?
    Make sure 2x 6pin power connectors are properly inserted...
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