New HD 5750 card, clicking noise from hard drive??

Hey, I recently bought 2 HD 5750 card and i installed it on one pc and it works perfectly but when i installed it on my other pc there is a clicking noise coming from my hard drive. I have i identified the clicking noise definitely coming from the hard drive. When i try booting up nothing comes up just a clicking noise from the HDD. I tried starting the pc up with my old graphics card and it works perfectly so im a bit confused. I also tried putting a spare HDD on just incase the one i had was faulty but a clicking noise came from that also? i have a 550 watt power supply on it and the card's minimum is 450w. I dont think its an actual HDD problem but my guess its a power problem? which is also confusing because i have the same PSU on my working pc. Any help? thanks in advanced ! :)
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  1. You are on the right track. Your hd is apparantly fine if it works with the older card. You need to list more system specs including the brand and 12v rails on the ps.
  2. Sounds like a power issue. If you are trying to run Crossfire with 2 5750's... and your PSU has more than one rail, make sure you aren't running them on the same rail. You could be pulling too much current and don't have enough for your other items. 550w is a little weak for running 2 cards. If 550w is the PSU max limit, then you want to draw less than 80% of that continuously. So if your setup needs 550, and your PSU is only 550 peak, of course it won't work. Try bumping it up to a 700w PSU for dual cards.

    If you have a 4 core CPU with dual cards, you definatly need to step up your PSU to 700w or more. Most manufactures recommend 450-550 for a single video card setup, then 600-750 for dual, 800-1000 for tri or quad card systems.
  3. Well im only using one card on each computer and 550 w should work because the recommended for the actual card is 450w? i am quite confused with this because i have all the correct parts and followed each procedure correctly?
    This is the power supply stuff:
    DC +3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
    Output 28A 28A 19A 0.5A 2.0A

    And the computer parts are here:
    Intel Pentium 4 640
    Mother Board: RC4107MA-RS2H
    2 GB Ram
    And currently the standard graphics on the motherboard
  4. Still sounds like a power issue. What brand is the power supply? Sounds like the 12 volt rail is weak or something. If you have 2 computers... if it's not too much trouble, take the one that doesn't have problem, and swap power supplies. If the clicking goes away, the PSU has become weak.

    But without knowing what the model and how old it is (PSU), it is hard to say.
  5. Sorry to say that, but does it really worth it to put such effort into a prehistoric system?
    Anyway your problem looks a PSU related.
  6. I think Dadiggle is wrong and the others are correct. It seems like that PSU is too weak, probably dying, otherwise it should be enough.
    I have an HD5750 that asks for 450W on a 400W PSU but the PSU is new and from OCZ so it pumps out what I need, for now.

    Also I run over-clocked both GPU and CPU and it still runs fine.
  7. Quote:
    The psu needs to be change its junk don't get me wrong but a hdd making a clicking sound that's a faulty hdd that's what I know. Maybe I'm wrong. For the OP sake I hope I'm wrong and its just a psu. But a psu will switch off when the OCP kicks in

    I've had more problems then I want to say with old PSUs (especially the no name ones) and they have given me a ton of problems, inlcuding HDD head crashing when I tried to do something more power-hungry.
    Also he said that it works just fine with on-board IGP.
  8. I used to use a converter on my old pc from two 4 pin ATA to one 6 pin pci-e.
  9. I've gotten the click of death from 2.5" HD running on under powered USB ports or too long of wires. If you take the HD out and install it in the PC to the SATA port... no more clicking. And his system works fine without the video card. This means his PSU is weak. If you put the HD in another computer and it does not click, and if you change the PSU in this system and it does not click... then PSU is the culprit.
  10. Well turns out guys it wasn't anything you lot said! It turned out to be a faulty RAM problem? which i still cant understand but anyway i still dont understand how you kept thinking it was a PSU problem even though i said the SAME PSU worked on a different pc... but anyways it works fully, Good bye and good luck.

    Summary: IT WASNT THE PSU! OR "CLICK OF DEATH"??!?!? twas RAM :)
  11. I'm glad you got the issue solved. We all recommend the PSU because RAM usually won't cause a HD to click. Just because it worked in a different computer, doesn't mean the current computer has exactly the same power requirements unless it is the exact same model and layout. Even though the clicking sound is gone. Keep a close ear for the HD, just in case it returns later. If the PSU didn't cause it... RAM still seems unlikely to make the HD click... But I hope that did the trick!
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