New custom oc immediattely switches off when turned on

I recently purchased all the parts needed for a new pc but when I bench test it, it just switches off when turned on for five seconds without even a post screen. I have no idea what is going wrong but believe the CPU or motherboard is at fault.
My specs are
Intel i7 950 processor
Haf x case
Cosair 750w power supply
Nvidia 460gtx ASUs graphics card
6gb corsair dominator ram
Gigabyte ga gx58 u3dr motherboard
And some other parts
With the bench test I connected 1 stick of ram, the graphics card, CPU and CPU fan and the case power switch as well as the psu but can't get it to work.
Any help appreciated
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  1. the problem happens when I plug in the cpu power plug, if it's not plugged In the system turns on with the fans bur since the CPU powers not connected nothing else happens. Could this mean the CPUs the problem? But its brand new so maybe I received a faulty new motherboard? I don't know what to do now spent all this money and can't even get the system to work
  2. CPU or motherboard, motherboard more likely. You are using the correct connector for the motherboard?
  3. Yh its a 8 pin since its a quad core
  4. I't could possibly be a faulty PSU?

    I have had weird probs like that before, and turns out there is a faulty rail or something.

    Try testing on a different system.
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