Monitor shuts off when running Crysis demo and a few others.

I downloaded the Crysis demo, and everything installed fine and I got to the menu and everything, I landed on the beach, everything was running pretty smoothly and then the monitor shuts off, but I hear the game still in my headphones. Only a hard restart worked. I've seen this problem a few times with GTA4 and Napoleon: Total War, but haven't found a solution.

ATI 5750 (Temps never go above 75 C playing Crysis)
i5 650 @ 3.2 GHZ 4 CPUs
3 GB of RAM
Windows 7 32 bit.
640 GB HDD
500 Watts PSU
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  1. Try different Monitor?
    Also make sure you already turn OFF safe mode on Windows setting...
  2. I'm using Catalyst 10.8. Latest drivers.

    The CPUs don't go above 50 C from what I've experienced.

    Should I upgrade to 64 bit and get more RAM?
  3. It runs the Crysis demo at 60 FPS, which is perfectly acceptable for me.
  4. ok, in my country, the temperature inside with A/C on can get to 35 (as it gets to 45 degrees C outside), so 50 degrees for a cpu is nothing. Idle temp for me, lol. well right now its idling at 40 degrees. room temp is like 19 lol. but my fan is temp controlled so it will speed up as temps get warmer, so its ok. Its got a shutoff at 75 degrees which is still under its rated max temp. and I have never reached that.
  5. Quote:
    So your room temp is 19c, but it get's up to 35c with the a/c on. Yeah ok.

    How is that possible?

    He said right now the temp is 19c...he didn't say the ac raises his temp.
    You also told him to get a new card, which really isn't worth it when he has a recent card.
    Most likely it's just the drivers like zip originally said. Try going to 10.6 instead.
  6. Down load a temp monitor for your cpu and graphic card . Make sure you got plenty of case fans neat cables and everything is plugged in well. Run hot cpu tester pro for 6 hours to test your hardware. And try different video card drivers and check your cpu max temps and graphic card max temps. for your manufacturer and compare under load good luck.
  7. To clarify - it can get to 35c inside in the summer on a particularly hot day even with the a/c on. Currently it is spring so temp is lower (approx 19c). I was just trying to point out that a cpu can easily get to over 50c especially if the room temperature is 35, and this guy was trying to say cpu's dont go above 50c, so he must be living in a colder country....but now I haver re-read what he was saying and i think i had misinterpreted it. he is saying he has never seen his particular CPU go above nevermind
  8. Quote:
    Really? That's pretty amazing. What resolution you running 800x600? LOL

    All low settings? DX9?? Must be a really amazing gaming experience.

    Here's the facts, even at a meager 1680x1050 which is what a standard 20-22" monitor runs with NO AA NO AF, a GTX460 1GB (much more powerful than your card) only gets 29fps.

    At a more standard 1920 x 1080 the same card only gets 25fps.,2684-8.html

    Even 2 GTX460 1gb's in SLI can barely manage 64fps with NOAA NOAF at 1680x1050.,2694-6.html

    I was using windowed mode 1280×720, Settings High.

    I was trying all resolutions, but they all crashed in the end.
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