Truly, the best gamer's card?

I've got about $80 to spend on a new video card and really need one, I attempt to game (Warcraft) on this NV 9400 GT and run about 11 fps in dal and that much and less in raids. It's embarrassing and really holding me back. I'm looking for a good card that should run into Cataclysm (the expansion coming in the coming months) and really need some advice. I don't care NVIDIA or ATI though personally have had better experience with the latter.
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  1. I apologize, I didn't think the quick question feature would create a forum post. I'll leave it here, but sorry about that. 'tis my first time on these forums. Just really need some advice and tomshardware comes up time and time again when googling about specific cards. (I also apologize for using "best gamer's card" and "$80~" in the same post, lol).
  2. I think you can get a 9800GT or HD5670 for around 80 bucks. They're better then a 9400GT I'm reasonably sure.
  3. Thanks a lot for both replies. The reviews on the MSI 250 look like pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in a card. Noone really had anything negative to say about the card itself other than it being large, sometimes loud, and not very firm-fitting, which aren't really terrible concerns for me.
  4. It is a great card for the price, just make sure you have a good enough PSU for it.
  5. the safe bet would be a HD5670 since it doesnt require much power but the gts250 is better.
  6. That GTS 250 is a nice card but it also does cost $122 dollars initially when shipping is taken into account. This HD4850 will give you similar performance and costs $100 before rebate and $85 after with free shipping;
    But your power supply might make either of these cards unsuitable for you. If it below 400w you will probably want to go with an HD5670. It isn't quite up to the level of those two cards but it is DX11 compatible, much more power efficient, much cheaper and will still be several times more powerful than your 9400GT;
  7. +1 to jyjjy. hd 5670 > 9800 gt
  8. I will second the HD5670. It doesn't sound like you need the top of the line but the HD5670 has DX11, is less power hungry then the GTS250, and is cheaper.
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