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Mouse double clicks on pressing [Hardware problem]

My mouse seems to have got extra sensitive of late. If you hold down the button after clicking, it will more or less perform a double click.

Problems :-

-Almost impossible to drag and select text [Since another click deselects it]
-Sometimes leads to multiple windows closing if the 'x's are aligned, as in maximized
-Stuff like that

It's a hardware problem, I'm sure of that, since it doesn't happen sometime. The frequency is also reduced if I remove the mouse cover and use the actual button to click, although the button seems to have got loose [compared to the right click button, which is comparatively firm].

Should I check the wiring ? Sometime back, the wiring had got damaged [One of the four wires somehow broke] and I had joined it manually.

Or is it time to get a new one ? It's a 7 year old mouse, got it with my Compaq Presario SR1105IL. Laser, wired. Using XP.

Any way to prolong its life by a few months ? Reason being I'm getting a brand new PC in a few months anyway.
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    Just grab a cheap mouse from a decent brand, It's time to give the current one a rest ... for good.
  2. wiinippongamer said:
    Just grab a cheap mouse from a decent brand, It's time to give the current one a rest ... for good.

    Ah, I was afraid of this. Well, thanks. :)
  3. Got a new mouse. It's a HP wireless err..'wireless 3-button mouse'. Got it for $20.33. Might be a bit expensive, but this is India. Good tech here is expensive. Phones and tariffs are not. [Again, doesn't apply if you look at smartphones, which is 'good tech'].

    One question : It comes with an on-off button. Do I need to turn it off everytime I get up ? Or only when it's not being used for prolonged periods ? (Runs off two AA batteries).
  4. turn the switch only when unused over long periods of time.
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  6. Few insights into the problem.
    (1) DSP based mouse use chip to control freeze delay between individual click, if mouse is new this could be a manufacturing defect.
    (2) As mouse ages, return spring of click button loses stiffness and bounces under clicks and thus produces several clicks for one.
    Tough Fix:
    Open mouse replaced click sensors on PCB by desoldering, switching places of sensors and resoldering.
    *****Easy Fix*****
    (1) Go to control Panel> Mouse >Double Click Speed and drag the slider to the middle between Slow and Fast.
    (2) Download Utility MouseFix version 1.0
    (3) If rebinds keys and fixes double clicking, you can also use Left Shift as mouse click using this utility, Right Shift remains the same.
  7. Nope, i have tried resetting the mouse double click speed in control panel and updating driver, but nothing works in my case. i fixed mine by readjusting the spring which i found at :love: :bounce:
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