Microphone not working on windows7 im

i can see my mic. working on pref.on my yahoo call assistant ..it says its being used by anouther prog.
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  1. Control Panel>Sound>Microphone>Configure>Setup Microphone

    Go through the wizard, then find the microphone wizard in yahoo and go through that.
  2. it shows that its detecting my voice on other things but it will not work on instant mess...any ideas? thank u so far
  3. So we know the mic works, everything is fine except for use in IM.

    When you go through mic setup/wizard in yahoo, does it let you select the mic/input source? It looks like the mic is not selected in yahoo.
  4. http://www.troublefixers.com/yahoo-messenger-voice-chat-problem-microphone-does-not-work-with-yahoo-messenger-call-setup-for-yahoo-messenger/

    Yahoo call assistant setup, see where it says, microphone setup, Look for "Choose the microphone you want to use" and select the same device you have in windows.

    To check windows,

    Control panel, sound, Recording, microphone, properties and look just underneath "controller information". This will tell you the device name of your sound input card/port.
  5. This is awesome...

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