Windows Install Kills My PC

Hey All,

I put together a PC from old parts from around the house to act as a NAS.

My problem seems identical to this:

Tom's Hardware Topic

There's at least 3 other people (according to that post) with the same issue.

Just a general idea of what happens:

Installing Linux Ubuntu 10.10: No issue what so ever.
Installing Windows XP: Dies at the HD selection screen (or there abouts).
Installing Vista: Dies randomly at several different points, although all before you enter your options (region etc) but after you ender your product key.

What I mean by dies:

The computer just shuts down and cannot restart until I reset the CMOS.

What I've thought it could be and what I have tried to resolve the issue:

- I have a thermometer in my case that states otherwise.
- I have left the case open (case can open from top and both sides)
- I have left the case open with only the ram, cpu, 1HDD and 1 DVD drive plugged in.

Bad PSU?
- I have tried both a 400W PSU and a 550W PSU.
- I have tried both PSUs with a "bare system" (as above).

- Brand new Samsung F3s... I doubt it.
- 2 No HDDs in the sytem.

Bad RAM?
- 2 Sticks I have tried each one by themselves and together.
- I admit I have not tried another stick of RAM other than these two.

What really confuses me:

I'm 90% sure that I have had XP on this machine before (well the guts of this machine).
Linux installs fine and runs fine (well as fine as Linux can :P, sorry to you Linux lover but you know what I mean.)

I don't have the spec on me at the moment but I will post when I get home.

From the top of my head :
ECS PM400 something....
Intel CPU
2 F3 HDDs

Sorry I know the computer specification information is minimal will correct it later.

Any help would be appreciated lads.
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  1. I had the same issue. You have a bad hard disk there in my opinion. And if you eliminate that problem without "assumptions", then motherboard should be the culprit. Windows OS will cause reboots as soon as it "accesses" the hard drive spindles to give you information about the partitions, etc.

    You have two hard disks. Try with just ONE in at a time. It is rare that both are dead. If you are lucky, Windows will install fine on one disk. That is all you need, add the second hard disk and fix the bad sectors or lock them from getting accessed. There are utilities that do this.
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