How do i reformat the HD i have pulled from my iomega nas?

I need to reformat the drive to NTFS to use it as a normal USB external drive in a new enclosure. The drive is a 1TB SATA seagate pulled from a iomega home network nas that i think has a problem with the circuit board/interface NOT the actuall drive and I do not care about saving any data on the drive itself prior to reformat. I have plugged it into my windows machine via a USB adapter until the new enclosure arrives but the windows machine does not recognise it and the drive seems to be constantly attempting to boot or looking for a system to boot into(i.e. the NAS hardware)
I thought it would be an easy reformat and egt on with it but obviously the XFS? filesystem ( i think it has XFS from other answers o this forum) seems to be a stumbling block.
Can anyone suggest a way for me to access the drive and format it for use with windows?
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  1. Have you Tried to Plug It Internally? Plug it Internally and Windows Should Recognize it and Format it Using The Drive Manager.
  2. No i haven't tried that yet. I will also try something someone else has said about reformatting a drive to use again using SUSElinux live cd. I must admit i am a complete linux Noob, and know almost nothing about linux. My brother bought me a raspberry Pi fo xmas so i suppose I should learn!
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