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TV Tuner - Internal or External?

Hi, I've been wanting to buy a TV tuner for my computer for the last 2 years and whenever I get around to buying it I always ask myself the same question - Internal or External. I would like to trust an external unit, but I don't. I fear they just aren't as durable or as stable as having an internal card. I like the portability aspect, but can someone ease my concerns? Or is it a bit either way? Have you had bad experiences with external tuners? or are tuners in general abit flaky sometimes - due to high gain antennae connection?
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    Both has good and bad things.
    External: usually bad quality but you can watch TV without turning ON PC.
    Internal: usually good quality but you MUST turn PC ON if you want to watch TV.
    I have both and I'm more likely to use the external one... :)
  2. External TVU Tuners are good for mobile requirements. For those who travel and want to carry a TV tuner.

    Internal TV tuner are cleaner setup as the hardware is inside the desktop case. No hardware outside. No Power Supply and 1 less USB cable to hook external TV to PC.

    Its a personal choice/preference.

    For my desktop i use hauppage 2250 HDTV tuner. It function as my HD DVR/PVR
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