LGA 1155 4-Way Crossfirex Motherboards

Hey Guys,

Wondering if anyone knows any LGA 1155 4-way Crossfirex Motherboards out there on the market.
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  1. seems like i need an answer to this too lol, do you know what power supply id need for an i7 2600k overclocked @ 5ghz with a voltage of 1.35 and quad crossfire 6990 (2 cards since its dual gpu) that consume 554 wats at full load each (1108 wats full load for both gpus)?????
  2. 4-way as is two dual-GPU cards or as in 4 cards?

    If you are to invest that much in a rig, you might want to wait for Ivy Bridge (X78 chipset), it will have native USB 3.0, PCI-e 3.0 (many lanes) and quad-channel memory.
  3. wHEN IS IVY bridge comin out"?
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    g3bb said:
    wHEN IS IVY bridge comin out"?
    Planned for Q4 2011.
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