My flash drive is write protected error how to solve it

How can i remove right protection on a flash disk?
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  1. Here is something that might help:

    Found a fix after months of looking
    Found it! I have a feeling one of my co-workers (A Linux God who disdains us Windows Gurus) was playing a joke on me. The following came from David Kramer.KA at It fixed it completely. Thank goodness! Open the command line editor of windows XP (in my case, and in that case hopefully your, if I am to help you). You find that under ?Start?, the choose ?Run?. There you enter ?regedit?. This starts a little program that allows you to operate within the holiest of sites of windows, the registry. Here all kind of actions and behaviors of the system are set. Go to the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ CurrentControlSet\Control \StorageDevicePolicies This is simply a folder within a folder and so on? The final folder, the one you are looking for is called StorageDevicePolicies, and as the name suggests contains the settings for how the storage devices (USB flash) should behave. Here you right click on: ?WriteProtect? and select ?modify?. Here you set the value that appears to ?0″. Press enter and that?s it. (In other words: Default value: DWORD=0) Possible values are: 0 ? Disabled 1 ? Enabled Set the value to 0 and your back in business.
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    Another Option and Easiest to try
    Did the StorageDevices thing and it still didn't work, so I did a safe remove of device and then plugged it in again and it worked. I could then format the drive in Explorer.
    1. This USB stick went through a couple/four airport scanners.
    2. Also had the problem after moving from one machine to another without safely remove.

    Link to post above. Also has other options too. Hope it helps.
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