Xfx 460 gtx or ati 5770

which 1 is good gpu
I have 15inch LC crt moniter
AMD phemon x4 9850 be
asus m3n78-em
4gb ram 800mhz
500 w cooler master psu extreme power plus
I m not change my psu right now.
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  1. 15" monitor? resolution?
    Well, GTX460 and HD5770 is too overkill for your low resolution...

    What is your current card?
    HD5670 is more than enough for your need... :)
  2. +1 15 inch is low resolution, it wont ask much on your gpu .
    So ati 5770 which is least expensive and least powerful between gtx 460 , will suit your need-
  3. i have xfx gts 250
    and the res is 1024*768
  4. GTS250 is more than enough for your need! it's even an overkill for your system...
    Why you want to upgrade it?
    believe me, you already have a fast GPU for your low resolution...
  5. Next month i upgrade my moniter, samsung p2250.
  6. ^^Are you from India?

    Along with the monitor, upgrade your PSU. Get a Corsair VX450W.

    Also if you upgrade your monitor, i would definitely say that GTX460 1GB is the one. But for a 15 inch one, the HD5670 is good enough. Even a HD5770 is too much.
  7. Well, GTX460 is good for HD monitor like samsung p2250, but your CPU (Phenom x4) is the biggest bottleneck here...
    That CPU will hold back GTX460 so that card wouldn't run on it's full potential...
  8. which1 is good for me
  9. Upgrading your CPU mean change motherboard too, so the question is are you planning to buy a new CPU+mobo?
    Or stay with your current CPU?

    If you want to stay with your current CPu then STAY with your CURRENT system, it's already fast enough...
  10. ^^If you are going to update your cpu your may need to upgrade ram as well (guessing it's ddr2)
  11. sandeep gaikwad said:
    which1 is good for me

    If you can overclock then it would be somewhat of a relief. Then get a SB when it comes out! :D :D

    What is your budget now?
  12. His motherboard can handle all current AMD processors, even the x6 chips. There is no need to replace it or the ram.
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