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Gigabyte 4850

Just realised how ill informed I am...I received a secondhand (new for me, Gigabyte 4850) graphics card in the mail today and I have some questions before I try it out.

The card comes with two power connectors that join into one 6 pin connector I presume they just plug straight in to my 650w power supply.
The card has 3 outputs one round and two rectangular...My monitor will not connect to these So I need to buy an adapter or have I bought the wrong card for my screen??
Seeing there are two of these outputs I assume I can use this card to connect two screens and if so what are the gains of doing so?
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    The round connector is SVID, ignore that. The other two are probably DVI, and I take it your monitor only accepts VGA, the card should have came with a DVI to VGA adapter, if not you can get them for between 1-3 USD, no big deal there.

    The power connect sounds like a dual molex to single 6pin connector, if you NEED this, yes you would plug your molex into it, and the 6pin into the graphics card.

    However if your PSU has (and it should have if you are using a 4850), 6pin pcie connectors, then use those instead of the adapter.

    By the way this is a perfect example of what you need for the adapter and power.
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