Gigabyte ud7 vs Maximus iv extreme

So I recently picked up a gigabyte p67 ud7 board...and it's has great reviews and has loads of potential , especially as far as oc is concerned. However, I know the Maximus iv is coming out within a few days and I just want to know if I have made a good purchase. I mean, is the Asus Maximus going to be more beneficial? Has anyone used it yet? Or heard, read, and seen something of interest compared to the ud7?

They are both good offerings, but this is going to be with me for about 3-4 years so I want to ensure that I am making a firm decision with no remorse.
Please help me decide whether I should keep this boss of a board, or if I should take it back for the Maximus. All your help would be greatly appreciated. I want to be sure of myself, and I know many people in this community are extremely helpful :)
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  1. Oh I'm happy don't get me wrong . I just wanna make sure that I'm making a good choice of the know? It's my first time with a gigabyte board, but I have heard great things . How did you get your board early? I also heard that gigabyte will add the Uefi in the future
  2. Oh really ? I was on and it's listed as eta for Monday. I've always liked the rog boards which is why I wanted it. But, I'm a bit torn.
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