Can i play crysis using ati 5570 hd

can i play crysis using ati radeon 5570 hd
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  1. Yes you can play it with a 5570, the better question is if you can play with eyecandy turned on and acceptable framerate, however.,2552-7.html
  2. Play it? Yes you can, but with lowest setting, perhaps...
    HD5570 is a low profile card (HTPC), if you want to gaming then get a better/higher card.. :)
  3. depends what resolution and settings your going to play it at.
  4. Upto VGA resolutions, you can play with a mixture of medium and high settings.
  5. The 5570 will play crysis but depending your monitor it may not look good. If you use a LCD with only 1 good high resolution setting it will not work out well. For medium quality and a reasonable FPS on the 5570 you will need a resolution at or below 1024X768. Adding a few select low setting the 5570 may could get up to 1280X1024. Note that the benchmarks for the 5570 has an OC'ed core i7 which given your GPU choice is out of your price range.
  6. i guess it does also depend on what cpu hes using. this video shows a 5570 with a q8200 processor running the game at 1024x768 with very high settings.
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