Phenom II x4 955 Stock Temps?

I just built my rig the other day, I'm waiting for my case to be shipped so I can power on the board and make sure it posts. (No onboard power switch on the 89gtdpro usb3 board :( )

Anyhow, once I get it to post I want to watch the temp in the bios for a little bit, and make sure it's not too hot. Then I'll install windows, check temps again and then run prime 95 while watching the temps.

So what temp should I be looking for? I saw somewhere that 62C is the max temp, but lots of people say 60-70c are the max temps.

What temp's should I look for at idle in the bios? What is an acceptable temp for the cpu under full load?

Thanks guys.
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  1. For full load for ANY CPU, it would be 80 degrees Centigrade. Anything above that and you are not killing, but murdering your CPU. The accepted TDP for idle on any chip would be 40-55 degrees Centigrade.
  2. Well I idle at about 35C.

    I have cool and quiet enabled.

    Anyhow I have a new issue... I was running prime 95, and am using the temp probe application that came on my motherboard disk. It shows my temps go up to about 51C then it stays steady at 51

    I downloaded an app called core temp, and it lists only 1 core (Core #0) and it shows the temp is about 58C and all it's temp's are pretty much 5C higher than what asus temp probe II is telling me...?

    What should I trust, and is 58C too high for the stock cooler? Do I have to reapply paste? I am using MX-4 paste.
  3. No, go into the BIOS, and check what the monitor says there. If even IDLE temps are different in the BIOS that what the software is saying, I would go with the BIOS. If not, the latter software is right.

    Remember: BIOS first. If the software and BIOS are both the same go with the software.

    You don't have to reapply thermal paste. Never do that over and over. It gets annoying. Remember the magic number is 80, then you need a better cooling system.
  4. 58C under full load is a little warm but nothing out of the ordinary with a stock cooler. My athlon would hit the upper 50s when stress testing with the stock cooler. I slapped on a after market cooler and dropped them 16 degrees C.

    You could check the temp in bios and compare it to the readings other programs are giving to get a better idea which may be closer.
  5. Well I checked the bios when I first booted the comp, watched it and it slowly went up to about 40C idle. The software say's 32C right now, so I'm going to quickly reboot and see what my bios says.

    How can I check the tmep under load? Run prime for a few minutes then boot into the bios? Seems like the ~10 seconds it'd take to get to the bios would let it cool back down to the 30-40 range?

    I booted into bios, left it there for about 10-15 minutes watching the temps. It got up to 45C and stayed there.

    I booted into windows, launched the temp probe application and it said my temps were at 42C. The temp's start to drop slowly as I let it idle in windows. Is this because of cool n quiet? Does my CPU run at 3.2 ghz in the bios, and cool n quiet is enabled when I boot my OS?

    45C seems crazy to me, stock coolers suck.

    I should add, I have a infrared thermometer and checked my heatsink temps. It was at about 40C when in the bios, and when I first booted into windows, it then started to go down and down. So my temps are somehow high at idle in the bios, but cool down in windows?

    Edit: I feel like I should buy a new heatsink, I've been looking and it seems like the Zalman CNPS10X Performa is a good way to go, $45 at my local shop, from the reviews i've read they all say it's great, and a few guys have said on newegg that it will clear their gskill ripjaw dimm's (I have 2 ripjaw's installed, they have large heatsinks)
  6. NZXT Phantom, it has support for 180mm coolers with my side panel on. (At least thats what it says on the box)

    The phantom is a large case :O much larger than my previous one.

    The cooler says it will fit 180mm wide cases, and from the reviews ive seen the performa cools better than the extreme version, and from reading on newegg a bunch of people are talking about their 955 or 965's with nice OC's (lots of 3.8's and 4.0's) and are all boasting ~50C temps at full load.

    Looks like the only down side is its kind of a pain to install from what ive read from people.
  7. Heck, you are fine. Considering you have a stock cooler, it is a great cooler it seems. Compared to the one I have, it gets up to 50 under load, without overclock...and it is Intel.
  8. Well playing TF2 which according to task manager and core temp I'm at about a 30-50% load and my temps are mid 50's

    I'd like to do an over clock later maybe to 3.5 or 3.8 so I'll for sure need an aftermarket cooler.

    Also I'm kind of afraid to run prime95 for very long because the multiple different software i've used keeps giving wrong temp's. I'd feel much better if I were in the mid 40's at full load, that way even if it were off by 10C i'd still be comfortable.

    So now I guess this is thread is kind of whats the best cooler to get? Air or liquid it doesnt matter, I'm looking for the best bang for your buck, any suggestions?
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    Definitely this! It has been used by number of enthusiasts, form every build. Heck, it is par with liquid cooling!
  10. Damn, its $29.99 at my local shop.

    I've been looking at lots of reviews and it looks like the 212+ is quieter and within 1C of the zalman I was looking at.

    I'll probably install the cooler in the 'up and down' orientation, as I have 2, 200mm fan's blowing heat out the top of my case.
  11. have ti agree with the coolermaster 212. I have it on my 955 and even at full load it stay below 45 c running games it is mid to upper 30s and is 26 c idle way better and much more quiet than stock cooler
  12. Alright, thanks guys.

    I'll go buy the 212 in a day or two.
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  14. I have the same temp's as cloonso, full load running prime95 I hit 48 and stayed there.

    Idle is around 35, but for some reason my CPU is running at 3.2ghz usually it's at 800mhz when I idle. I might have turned cool n quiet off in bios or something, I'll go check again.

    I agree though, the fan is quiet as hell.

    Edit: Cool n Quiet was enabled, but in windows I had my min cpu speed set to 100% (using gaming profile), changed it to 5% so at idle I'm at about 29C when I'm at 800mhz.

    I'd like to buy a second fan before I do any overclocking though, seems better.

    I was thinking of turning the fan to face up, as I have 1 200mm fan installed in the top of my case, but then I figure if I keep it sideway's I'll cool my ram and other thing's a bit.
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