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I cannot find any recent reference to the Nvidia GTX 280 card. I have two running in SLi. What i would like to know, if i changed them for two GTX 460 cards would i notice a difference? Mobo is Asus P5N-D with 8 GB Ram and Q9550 o/c a bit to 3.4.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. 2xGTX280? you already have FAST SLI setup, buddy... :)
  2. You're not going to see much of an increase from SLI 280 to SLI 460, hell I wouldn't even swtich to SLI 460 and I have SLI 260's.

    Now if you sell your 280s and get a really good price for them, to where an upgrade to SLI 460s would only cost you 75 USD or so... then it might be worth it.
  3. The 400 series does have DX11 support.
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