Did I just get ripped off or am I missing something?

Power supply burn't out on my sisters tower and I got a second hand one from an local ad. He say's in his email to me that this psu is a pci-e power supply, I bought it throught a 3rd party so I was not there to see it but when The 3rd party called me, and told me there was no pci-e connectors on the psu, I was lost. Is it possible to have a pci-e power supply with no actually pci-e connectors on it? I need to know before I call him and start asking for a reason why he lied to me, unless he didn't realize thou he did stat that he repaired computers from his home...

I just want to know if he was right or wrong calling the psu a pci-e powersupply with no pci-e connectors on it.

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  1. PCI-E is just a connector, It depends on the PSU, you can buy 12v 4pin tp PCI-E convertors. Which will connect to any PSU's
  2. Looking back I see where I went wrong, I asked him "how many watt's is it, and what pci-e connector does it have?" my words exactly.

    his response was "It is a Pci-E Power Supply it is 480 Watt. 24 pin power connecter to the motherboard and extra 4 pin mobo connecter also 1 sata power connecter and 1 floppy power connecter and 2 Hard Drive and 2 Cd rom Power connecters."

    Clearly he didn't mention a single pci-e connector *i didn't realize since he said it was a pci-e psu I must of overlooked this, so either he was right and it is a pci-e psu just with no pci-e connectors built into the psu. Thou I would of thought if Someone asked me that I would of clearly told them the difference, most people who want a pci-e powersupply ovisouly want the connectors on the psu..

    it's kinda like a buyer beware thing, I am not sure if he intended to do this or not he might of not realized, but for someone who builds computers...
  3. I just sent him an email asking him where the pci-e connector is as I can't seem to find it.

    he said "Pci-e Connector is plugged in the Motherboard it powers your board, 24 pin connector is Pci-e a 20 Pin Connector is Atx....."
  4. He is either lying or he is mistaken. The 24 pin connector is what we would simply call "the main power connector".

    The 4 pin molex to 6 pin PCIe adapters will work if the PSU has adequate 12 volt current capacity.

    I suspect from the lack of PCIe connectors and the single SATA power connector that this is an old PSU design characterized by fairly heavy (by today's standards at least) 5 volt and 3.3 volt rails and a relatively light 12 volt rail. It may not adequately power your system.
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