Lacie External HDD not recognizing/spinning

Hello, about 2 months ago i bought a lacie rikiki usb 3.0 750 GB External HDD and i always put it inside a soft cover (incase it falls) and yesterday it stopped working, i tried different usb slots, it wont even spin, i tried the cable with another exact same HDD and it works on the other one, so the problem is not the cable, i also tried freezing it without succes

The white indicator lamp is turned on as its connected to a computer

Could anybody help me out? thanks
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  1. Get in touch with Lacie because the drive is still covered by their warranty. If it won't spin that means it is faulty.
  2. alright thanks
  3. Hi,

    Mobile drives draw all of their power from the USB port so this may be a fairly easy solution for you. Please call us at 503.844.4500 or

    On a side note, the freezer trick is a dangerous idea to try and really only solves a limited number of specific issues. The idea is that the cold condenses the metals and will help with unbalanced platters or lose bearings - unless specifically suggested by a technician I wouldn't put any electronics in the freezer. The moisture from the ice and air inside the unit can damage it even further.

    ~mn, LaCie
  4. Freezing is a subject that is often discussed in storage forums. Most data recovery professionals will tell you that it is a very bad idea. However, there is a fellow who is well respected in the business, who is a Seagate employee and who is the author of HDDScan, and he will tell you that condensation only forms when there is a temperature difference between the platters and the surrounding air. In fact Seagate's hard drives have an operating temperature range that includes 0C, plus a non-operating temperature range that goes as low as -40C.

    But the really amazing statistic that appears to put the lie to this Internet myth is Hitachi's Endurastar:$file/HGST_Endurastar_J4K20_N4K20final.PDF

    - Operating temperature range from -20° C to +85° C

    - Fly height compensation accommodates changes in air density caused by temperature and altitude

    - Built-in shock sensor enhances data integrity in automotive applications

    - Enhanced moisture control system ensures corrosion control in extreme environments
  5. Hi,

    After reading many forums and experiences, I have come to what I think is the best option available. By now I have no doubts that the defects concern a failure of the hard drive material (poor quality) and is a come theme among, as far as I know, all LaCie drives (I am owner of various products of this brand - and on my way out of these firm).

    So, for you souls to happened to be stuck and the only thing you want for now is to recover your valuable data, let's focus on that and once achieve, please get yourself another drive for pretty much any other brand available except this LaCie B-S!

    1. Control Panel
    2. Administrative Tools
    3. Computer Management
    4. Storage - Disk Management
    5. Select your LaCie hard drive from the bottom half of the pane (probably Disk 1)
    6. Right click, Properties 'Change drive letters and paths', and add a letter, e.g. K
    7. Download HandyRecovery tool:
    8. Let the program scan for the LaCie hard drive.

    The main point here is that once a letter is added, you will be able to see LaCie drive K for instance, in Windows Explorer, but you will notice it is empty, no contents.

    The trick is that at least it shows as a drive in Windows, which is exactly what HandyRecovery needs to initiate the scanning of the drive's surface.

    On my experience, I was able to recover 100% of the data, since I took immediate action (avoiding sectors been overwritten).

    Worst case scenario, you will not be able to recover any file but at least you will see a full directory tree view of the drive, full list of files, directories and its contents, i.e. a visual snapshot of the drive.

    That's it. Hope you will find this useful.

    Sergio (London, UK)
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