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Hi everyone I'm looking to spend between 120-150 dollars and I need to know what card to get. My brother said xfx 4850 like him but I was thinking gts 250 or something else somebody help
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  1. First of all, tell us your FULL specs:
    CPU-RAM-Motherboard-PSU-Monitor-OS-What are you going to do with your PC?
  2. gts 250 is a 100 dollar card.

    150 dollar card would be 5770.

    This is of course if you are talking about USD and not some other form of money.

    Regardless, we need to know the rest of your system specs and we can probably find a card that suites you well. Mobo, ram, cpu, resolution, psu.
  3. I would go for the 4850 given the choices but a full systems spec list like wa1 said would really help and what games are you going to be playing at what resolution?
  4. If you have $150 then the HD5770 is the obvious choice or maybe waiting a tad for the GTS 450 to be on the market.
    The GTS 250 and HD4850 should only be considered if you would really like to keep the price closer to $100 or have a low resolution monitor(1280x1024 and below) or a CPU which wouldn't benefit from a better card.
  5. ok im am currently running q6600 @ 2.6ghz 2gb of ddr2 800, 8600gts, i need a new power supply, i think i should just buy a new computer my sh*t is outdated
  6. Q6600 is not bad by today's std. Match it with a HD5770 and you will be fine. What is the size of your PSU?
  7. Your processor is still decent and more than decent if you overclock it.
  8. yea people say i should get a aftermarket cooler, so i can go to 3.4 and idk what the wattage of psu im running i know im undervolted :P
  9. im playing at 1440x900 but i soon on upgraded to two 19inch or a bigger monitor.
  10. At that resolution and if you care about DX11 then the HD5770 is the default choice. But as advised waiting for the GTS450 and the HD6xxx cards would be wise. Lets hope HD6xxx has some cards in your price range.
  11. dumb321 said:
    idk what the wattage of psu im running i know im undervolted :P

    You need to know this in order to even begin picking out a card. The brand/model/specs will be on a chart on the side of the power supply inside the case.
  12. im buying a new psu
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