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My friend recently gave me a used drive, and at the moment I have a 500gb wd blue. The drive my friend gave me was a 500gb wd green. I was originally going to use the hard drive to backup my blue (I dont have a backup). But I started thinking, what would be better? To use the extra 500gb to backup my 500 gb blue? Or use the drive normally and have a total of 1 tb? Which would you do?
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    That's a no-brainer - - use it as a backup for your existing drive as soon as possible!

    You should never be in the position of having your data not backed up. Never, ever.
    All hard drives fail sooner or later, and it's going to happen to your WD Blue drive one day. You have to be prepared for when that day arrives. You'll be sorry if you don't keep backups, believe me.
  2. Ok so ill use it as a backup, but how exactly would I do that? Would I just copy everything on to the new drive? Put the drives into raid 1? Or maybe go into its properties and set it to backup? How would I use it to backup my wd Blue?
  3. nvm, I just got your answer on the other post. Thanks!
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