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I am soon to be upgrading my TV. Question, if I buy a 3D capable tv can I plug my pc into it and play games at decent res? My gpu is a 295gtx, so modern enough but will the tv accept the input and display at 1920x1200 (or close to) and then allow me to play in 3D?
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  1. Got any info on the Tv you're planning on buying?

    If it's a big one I'd recommend not using it for the sake of your eyes, you're asking for some major strain if it's very large.
  2. Nothing specific as yet. 50" I would say (something mainstream like Sony etc). It's more of a case if it will work and give great res then I will go for it, if it won't display in 3D at high res then it's pointless going for it.

    How come there is eye strain?
  3. I think he is talking about using it as a monitor. It shouldn't be an issue for gaming I think. TVs are usually 1080p(1920x1080) not 1920x1200 but a GTX 295 should handle that resolution very well and does support 3D gaming.
  4. Thanks jyjjy. I am feeling th itch to try this out!
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