Best Graphic Card for World Of Warcraft! PLS Help!

I have a question..
I have the game World of Warcraft,and i have an Advent laptop that has:
Windows Vista, Home Premium
Processor:Intel(R)Pentium(R)Dual CPU T3200 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz

I want to change the Graphic Card in my computer because the one i have at the moment is lagging and annoying me when i play wow. :bounce:
I want to ask that, is a GMA X4500 Graphic Card good for World of Warcraft or is there better one?
Thanks all your answers! :hello:
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  1. 1. if you want good performance in wow you need a better CPU. my old 2.6ghz dual core wasn't enough for it. you need a good high clock speed with wow atleast 3ghz. you know how to upgrade a laptop its harder than upgrading a desktop. will probably need a bit more ram also

    4.while your graphics card is most likely problem it's not the only problem. getting good fps out of wow requires an all around good computer. its not like some games where getting a better grapahics card will give you a giant boost. when i updated to my geforce 9800gt 2 years ago i barely saw any differemnce in frame rates. wow is mainly dependent on your processor.
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