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Best 1366 cpu to not bottleneck 460 1gb sli

Best 1366 cpu to not bottleneck 460 1gb sli

Need a answer quick ordering tonight.
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  1. canceled the order.
  2. my cooler that i am not willing to get rid of works with these 939/AM2/AM3/775/1366

    whats the best intel one for gaming outt those
  3. needs to be ddr3
  4. i dont think my cooler works with 1155
  5. its allready rma'd im to fast ill just but a new one what one of those 2 cpus do i get 2500 or 2500k
  6. I have bought nothing yet but i have my ram and im not getting rid of it 8gb 2x4 gskill ripjaws 1600
  7. And will the 1366 bracket work with the 1155??? so i can cancel rma
  8. So lets get this out of the way

    a 2500k and this mobo ok?

    review on mobo are good
  9. I have to order in 30 min lol dont ask questions we must hurry on all of this all has to come from new egg but i like that cpu and love the mobo
  10. explain why please
  11. 1000 watt seasonic
  12. ln2????
  13. 400-500$ limit for 2 vid cards is 2x 460s in sli the best choice??
  14. I cant find any 1155 cpu coolers please list a few of the best ones

    i have a silverstone raven rv01 case it need to blow up--the fan
  15. 1156 and 1155 same coolers correct?
  16. 2 gtx 460s still beat a single 6970
  17. Im going to go with h70
  18. nvm h70 will not fit in my case
  19. so whats better 6850 cf or 460 sli
  20. Stock what 2 gpus are better 2 6850 or 2 460 i dont overclock. plus i have 5 min to order
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    are you insane? Do you want to power the whole neighbourhood?


    Well, the goods news is, it better to pick a psu thats overkill than a underpowered psu. ;)
  22. what happened to us all trying to "brand wash" you with intel's?
  23. kinth said:
    what happened to us all trying to "brand wash" you with intel's?

    It worked lol just spending 1000$ now for upgrade
  24. Quote:
    That psu is too much
    This is a better 750w
    CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX750W 80 PLUS Certified

    i have the psu lol
  25. Thanks all went with those evga 460 you send me the link for
  26. i have thermal paste:) i am going with v10 cooler is that an ok choice?
  27. if you can afford it get the 2500k it can overclock pretty far on air cooling. the sli 460's should be more than enough for most games.
  28. sure i saw a psot a second ago asking wether to get two 470's for $35 the 470's in sli are said to outperform the 580 by quite a bit
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  30. ^+1
    its almost like when hard drives claim to have 500gb and really you get about 465 thats actually usable :P
  31. Quote:
    if it say a 1000w it doesn't mean it can supply that

    While that is true (as decent number of psu makers list peak power instead of continuous power (as proven in this video) :heink: .... thats not what you were implying when you were saying that the psu is "overkill". ;)

    All i said was " it better to pick a psu that's overkill" meaning at least your more likely to have a computer that will run and it doesn't hurt the computer any to have extra un-need wattage.

    And some times it better to buy a powerful psu than by a psu that just fits your needs. If your a frequent hardware upgrader, this is one of the components in a computer that you may want to pay on the extra now and have it last though 2 or 3 rebuilds meaning you could save money this way. :whistle:

    Although now im getting off topic of the thread about this. [:huntluck]

    Its almost like when hard drives claim to have 500gb and really you get about 465 thats actually usable :P

    If memory serves right (which may not be right ), it not really a hdd lacking that 500GB but it the way an OS and HDD makers lable (or calculates) sizes differently that causes confusions.

    HDD makers like to use easy numbers like 160, 250, 500, 640, 750, 1TB, ect. (although i forget what they called the numbering system. numerical maybe?)

    OS's like to use a binary numbering system so it more or less like 2,4,8,16,32,64,128, ect.

    Now, i like i said earlier, i could have my info wrong as i haven't looked up this subject in a long time. So it can be wrong, backwards, or right. :pt1cable:

    Either way, too bad we'll never have "true" 500GB hdd that we will see in OS.


    Dontcha kinda think that was a wee bit odd to give a best anwser to someone that has only replied once in a thread and it's not as helpful of a post as other post have been. :heink:

    It's not like i dont appreciate it and all but i haven't exactly "helped" you much. [:grahamlv:3] So i would of though that you would of waited a bit to select the "best answer".

    (although i've really haven't cared for the badge and points system at all. so it doesn't bother me any. Just as long as i can help others and have a good time. :) )
  32. cia24 said:

    Wow. I've never seen such an advanced cpu cooler b4! What does thermal electric cooling compare to water cooling solutions?
  33. TEC does not really do much its mainly just a marketing gimmick.
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