Conveniently upgradable MOBO unheard of?

Hello people.
Drawn at the moment, I am looking for an intel mobo that is very versatile for the future. Meaning that if I get a 2600k right now, I wan't to be able to upgrade to a hexacore, but this seems impossible of course.

I hate the idea of having the buy a new mobo everytime something new is introduced. Is there anyway I can avoid this? Is my best bet to wait for that the x79? Or am I just going to need another mobo for a hexa core
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  1. The way to avoid this is to buy AMD :D
  2. Seriously, for as much money as Intel is trying to charge ($1000) for an i7, buy an AMD Bulldozer for $266 (will be out soon 6-8 cores). Most AMD socketed boards can be updated through BIOS updates. Like my board was a 4 core MAX, but with BIOS revision can handle 6 core now.
  3. I can see my bulldozer being a joke running audio apps.
    As much as I support PC, I don't want to be limited with an AMD mobo, and I need a mobo that has 8 dimm slots, i think im going for the x79 and hex core sandy e
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