GtX 460 VS 465

Here are some specs of GTX 460 Cuda Cores Processor Clock 1350Mhz Graphics Clock 675MHz Memory Clock 3600MHz Memory Amount 1GB Memory Interface 256bit Memory Bandwidth 115.2 Texture Fill rate 37.8
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  1. GTX460 1GB. 465 isn't that good a card. If possible, get the Palit GTX460 Sonic.
  2. The GTX 460 is slightly faster than the GTX 465 and uses significantly less power. The only reason to consider the GTX 465 is if you find a nice deal on one(quite possible lately.)
  3. hell_storm2004 said:
    If possible, get the Palit GTX460 Sonic.
    I would recommend the MSI Cyclone or the Asus DirectCU instead. They have the best cooling around. Or if you are willing to pay extra for then the MSI Hawk but it is only worth it if you are going for an extreme overclock.
  4. If you're after a quiet one I can recommend the ASUS DirectCU, extremely quiet fan on that one. Decent temps as well, idles at ~30c up to 60c under load.
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