Will this mobo and memory bottleneck

A few years ago I built this rig for my friend.

eVGA 750i LGA 775 motherboard
G.Skill DDR2 1066 4 gb
eVGA GTX 285
Core 2 Duo e8400 (3.0ghz)

He wants to upgrade his rig, so am considering suggesting these upgrades.

GTX 570
4GB more of that same memory
core 2 quad Q8400 (2.66ghz)

but I am concerned that his memory might become a bottleneck. I'd rather not make him buy a whole new mobo+mem unless he has to though.
Anyone know if this mobo+mem will bottleneck these new parts?

edit: also I won't be overclocking anything for him, he lives a few states away from me so if anything became unstable over time I wouldn't be able to get over there to fix it, so is the 2.66ghz quad enough a good enough upgrade over the 3ghz duo core?
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  1. Nope, you'll not get any severe bottle necks with the new upgrade. Atleast nothing that noticeable. Go in for a 560 I'd suggest.
    Yes, the 2.66 Core2Quado is a pretty decent upgrade from the 3Ghz C2D.

    Sorry: That's DDR2 right?
    You need to get the GPU down quite a few notches and then he'll not have any bottlenecks.

    For the rig you'll need X48 or P45 board and the RAM which would be DDR3.... if you want to continue to use the C2Q in the new board and not have bottle necks with the 560/570 :(
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