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I'm considering buying a SSD for my gaming computer. I already have the set-up, but I waited to get the SSD. Right now, I saw this deal on Newegg:

I only plan to use the SSD for the OS (and programs, but not games), so I really want a reliable SSD.

My question is: should I invest more to get a bigger SSD, just in case? I already have a 1TB WD Black for storage.

Also, what other brand could be worth checking?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. with prices the way they are these days, there's no reason to get a 60GB drive - not to mention you will still fill it within a year with all updates, some programs you use normally, etc... once you see how much faster it is

    save to get at least a 120GB, if not a 240GB

    Samsung Pro is the industry leader at the moment
  2. Tom's has two articles that are relevant for this. First, they regularly do a feature on "Best SSD for the money." While there are lots of arguments about which drives are better, this is a good place to start:,3269.html . Note that there is a 90 GB drive for $80 listed there.

    Second, an SSD will give you so much of a performance boost that, unless you get one from a line with big problems, any SSD will thrill you. I really like the SSD vs. HDD graph on this page:,3110-8.html .

    I totally agree with Dingo07; get at least a 120 GB SSD. I have a fairly small installation, and with patches and products I'm already at 60 GB. Do you have a good idea how large your installation is currently, separate from your data size? The other key question is, can you afford it? If the money is available, 120 GB is a good size that will, if you are not installing massive games, last you a long time.
  3. Since what I'm really looking for is peace of mind (reliability), what I'm wondering is if it is worth getting the Samsung Pro 840 at 140$ over the Samsung 840 at 105$ or Crucial m4 at 115$. I don't mind spending the extra money if it is worth it.
  4. ItsakUneklak said:
    Since what I'm really looking for is peace of mind (reliability), what I'm wondering is if it is worth getting the Samsung Pro 840 at 140$ over the Samsung 840 at 105$ or Crucial m4 at 115$. I don't mind spending the extra money if it is worth it.

    As SSD volume goes up so does the speed. However, why buy a 256gb when 128gb is enough?

    My vote is Crucial M4 or Kingston HyperX. Both are 120/128gb SSDs around $100.

    I own a 120gb that has 80gb used out of 110gb. I have OS, all programs, 2 games, and room to spare.
    So buying a 120/128gb is plenty.
  5. The Samsung 840 Pro. It is a great drive....and on sale.

    The pro series is more reliable and performs better. I just ordered one myself. Several friends have installed them - and rave about them. And 128GB gives you plenty of room for OS and programs. Unless you are installing a lot of programs, this one should rock your world! If you are installing a bunch....the 256GB is around $210....
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    ItsakUneklak said:

    Probably not for what you'll be doing with it... save the cash and get the 840

    you can't go wrong with Samsung, Intel, OCZ or Crucial
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  8. Thanks all, I think I'll go with the Samsung 840. On, it is the cheaper one and currently free shipping. I'll save the 40$ for my GPU I'm getting in the next few weeks.

    Thanks all of you for your help, and have a great day!
  9. I love my intel 330 - 180 GB !! The new one is the 335. The 330 is not the fastest, but it's rock solid and 180 GB is perfect for me.

    Good Luck
  10. For the cost, I would go with the Curcial M4.
    1) in day-2-day real life you will see almost no performance difference between:
    M4, 830, 840 Maybe a slight diff with the 840 Pro. 830 and M4 have been out quite some time and have an esablished performance track record. 840 & 40 pro less time for track record, but would bet it will be on track with 830.
    I have.
    .. 2 Crucial 128 gig M4s and one 256 gig drives
    .. 2 Crucial 128 gig Samsung 830s and one 256 gig drives
    .. 2 120 gig Agiglity III- great for sata II, waste of Sata III port.
    .. 1 256 gig Samsung 840 Pro
  11. ItsakUneklak said:
    Well I see that you already chose the best answer but here's my 2 cents anyway.

    Samsung 840s are good SSD's but the cheaper one has crappy write speeds for an SSD. "dingo07" is also correct for stating that it probably won't make allot of difference for what you do, since for gaming your read speed will be the most important.

    However the more expensive 840 has much better write speeds (3x Faster) and in the grand scheme of things (the price of your PC) $40 more for a drive that has decent write speeds (for an SSD) is well worth the price.

    Your SSD only does two things Read & write. Why not get one that does both well. If it were me, even though I might be happy with the cheaper SSD most of the time, for the entire life of that SSD every time I did something that would have benefited by (3x) faster write speeds I would be reminded that I could have spent just $40 more and achieved perfection! :sol:
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