Setting Up Mutiple Moniters

Ok here is my idea let me know if it is possible...

if i build a server with:

5) 500mb - 1tb w/ 7200rpm - 10000rpm HardDrives
2) Xeon E5506 Nehalem (OCd 2.5ghz) each
1) Quadro NVS 420 GPU (PCI-E x16) (GPU supports 4 Interfaces)
2) ((3 x 4GB Ram) 12 GB) DDR3-1333 (PCI 10600)

5) Moniters and 4 of them will be hooked up with DVI and the 5th(main) will be hooked up with VGA that is on he Motherborad;

all this and Run 5 Diffent OS on each moniter with Diffent IPs using the Built up above?

let me know if it is possible and soo give me a link ^^. :o
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  1. Hmm I'm doubting you can run the 5th monitor. Generally having a discreet card more or less disables the mobo VGA output. I guess maybe get 4 monitors and try 3 on GPU, 1 on mobo and if that works you'll be good to go. But remember if you do that and it works, the monitor hooked up on the mobo will basically be a separate entity. It won't benefit from the GPU, and I really don't think you can extend desktop to it. Bear in mind this is just educated guessing... but I don't think it'll work too well.
  2. ok i figured it out....
    step 1) buy parts
    s2) build sever
    s3) install OS
    s4) install VMware
    s5) hook up 4 monitors
    s6) start up 2 Virtual Machines on 3 of the monitors and use the 4th one for Statistic of the Server

    thier i now i have 6 clients in 1 server.. ^^ great ill slipt each server with 3.75 ram on each ^^
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