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Hello everyone,

I am looking I to upgrading a few of components for my pc. It is a older machine built in 2008. Inlisted the current specs below.

CPU: Intel Q9450 core 2 quad
RAM: 4gb corsair xms
HDD: Seagate 320gb
PSU: 550watt corsair
MOBO: XFX 780 sli

Mainly interested in adding a ssd to this system and have been looking in the 120-256gb range. Kinda leaning more toward the 120 side just because I am only using around that on my current 320 and that includes some of my backed up photos and photoshop projects. Much of which I could be putting on an external drive that I have. I was looking into either the Samsung 840 or 840 pro as well as the sandisk extremd drives. Any suggestions on this?

Another thing I am considering to upgrade is thd gpu. This may be the wrong spot to ask this but I would see if anyone had any feedback. Currently looking into a nvidia 650 ti mainly because I play some games like sc2 but nothing to graphically demanding and am trying to stay around 150 in cost if possible. Any suggestion this as well?

Thanks for input.
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  1. Get the 840 is on sale at New Egg:

    Better performance/reliability.
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