Need some help identifying serial bus controllers


I was just curious about the onboard serial bus controller that shows up in the POST. First of all I have only one card installed in the system and that is the AGP card but also disabled the onboard serial COM1 and COM2 ports from the BIOS. I did the same for the Parallel Port too in that I disabled it in the BIOS. So where are these serial bus ports located that are being displayed in the photo.

Looking for a better understanding what these serial bus controllers are for ? Could they be for the USB ports on the back ? Ah that could be one the possibilities. Any other ideas maybe ?

Thanks in advance

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    What you did was you Disabled the Ports that are used by the rig. The controllers are embedded in the Board , they will startup at boot and will show up on screen.
    The point is, since you disabled the ports these controllers will not be of any use and so will not be queried by the system unnecessarily there by saving you time and a few resources.
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