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Asus M4A785TD-V EVO this is the motherboard i have i was just wondering would it be worth buying another ati 5770 in crossfire on this board considering 1 lane is 16 x and the other 1 4 x pci express or upgrading to gtx460,5850,6850 or 6870.

Computer is linked to a 17" monitor i use most for internet and games, also it is connected via HDMI to a 22" tv that i watch movies on through sky player. I have played DIRT 2 on the 22" at 1600 x 1050 which looks impressive just with a single 5770. The TV is also linked to sky multiroom so the kids can watch toons that is why i use the 17" for games 1400 x 900.

Also the kids have watched a kids show on sky player while ive surfed the internet on the same computer would crossfire allow me to play a game and use sky player at the same time eliminating the need for multiroom?

Power supply is fsp blue storm II 500W and my budget is £150. CPU is PHENOM II 955.
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  1. For those resolutions you're fine with your card. Also x4 is not very good for crossfire. Only if you'll get a full HD monitor or TV consider upgrading the video card and even then only if your games don't run well.
  2. I just downloaded METRO2033 from STEAM it was only just under £7 a decent game graphically brought it just has a reference and see if it it made much difference if overclocking the 5770. In Video cards passmark website it put it above the 5830 and just below the gtx 460. It is back at stock speed im not sure how to test my card for stability. ATI overdrive passed it in that little test it does. Fur mark seems to heat it up really quick within 10 seconds. What is the best way to test the ati 5770 for stability and is watercooling a good option.
  3. Try this
    Heard good things about the MSI AfterBurner OC utility, never tried it myself.
    Don't bother with watercooling.
  4. My kids have got an ati 4650 1GB with a 22" UMC HDTV and my eldest daughter plays Tomb raider underworld and sims 3 and not quite smooth play. I've put my ati 5770 into that computer and the games play a lot better. I've brought myself a PNY 460gtx 768mb for games on my viewsonic va1703wb and the occasional game on the 22" technika at 1680 x 1080. Metro2033 plays ok with settings turned up on the 22" and i will attempt to overclock at a later date it runs cooler than ati 5770. I was going to buy another ati 5770 but the price differnce isn't that much compared with gtx 460, i was tempted by the 6850 but it was the 3D vision for future use that tempted me. I heard that AMD needed a 3rd party utility to get 3D, which sounds like another BETAMAX - VHS. With NVIDIA being VHS, and of course PHYSX is gonna become more widespread apparantly.
  5. The 6850 is a bit more powerful and AMD will have lots of open source 3D software but that's not a bad purchase.
  6. The card i had a couple of years ago was a PNY 9800GT 512mb card and that was a good card. So i thought this PNY card will not let me down and the fsp 500W blue storm II psu seems to be ok with it and its just under 30 degrees in my coolermaster 330 case. One of the main factors has well the card is a nice size about the same length has the 5770. Just might need to change my daughters PSU which is a JEANTECH 500W brought early 2009 gives out 36A on the 12v rails i think it should be alright cpu is athlon II 620. Motherboard is asus m3n78pro so i definetley will not be crossfiring on that either.
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