GTX460 1GB SLi with Corei5 760

Hey guys;

I got a buddy who's trying to build a set up but doesn't have an account on toms so I'm just asking around for help for him.

He is trying to make an SLi set up with 2 GTX460 1GB.

He's researched the motherboard, how much power it will need, etc but he isn't sure if the Corei5 760 will bottleneck him or whatever (I have no clue what he's talking about).

Question is, will this processor be able to run with the SLi set up? It is standard at 2.8Ghz, but he plans to use Turboboost to bump the processor and leave it at 3.2Ghz.

Thanks guys

His screen resolution is 1600x900
PSU is a Corsair HX750w
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  1. Tell him to forget about SLI. A single GTX 460 will already be fantastic for 1600x900, especially when overclocked. Only consider a second if he is going to upgrade the monitor to at least 1920x1080.
    As for the i5 it should be fine but why only OC to 3.2ghz?
  2. The turbo mode only activates to 3.2ghz if the load is on a single core. He'd be better off purchasing an aftermarket cooler and overclocking it rather than relying on turbo.
  3. I agree with jyjjy, you don't require SLI, only one card will be required to get great results at 1600x900
  4. Thanks for the replies so far guys.

    He mentioned SLi because he doesn't want to build a whole new computer later on for when a new more demanding game comes out. He figures he could just use one GTX460 card now and when he needs a stronger GPU, he'll add in another 460 and complete the SLi to play the next level games without buying a whole new computer.
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