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I had pentium 4, Windows XP with HDD SATA 500 GB.Suddenly MotherBoard fail & Now I bought Core 2 due & installed Windows XP with same Hard Disk.It shows all partition of drive but one partition shows access is denied and its properties shows zero bytes used and zero bytes free.In save mode it shows their is data but access is denied.Please help me to access the partition & data.
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  1. Pro - Change your account type to administrator and take ownership of the partition.

    Home - Boot into safe mode and log in with the administrator password you created when you installed XPHome. If you didnt create a password try leaving it blank.

    Open Explorer, go to Tools and Folder Options, on the view tab, scroll to
    the bottom of the list, if it shows "Enable Simple File Sharing" deselect it
    and click apply and ok. If it shows nothing or won't let you make a change,
    move on to the next step.

    Navigate to the files, right click, select properties, go to the Security
    tab, click advanced, go to the Owner tab and select the user that was logged
    on when you were refused permission to access the files. Click apply and
    ok. Close the properties box, reopen it, click add and type in the name of
    the user you just enabled. If you wish to set ownership for everything in
    the folder, at the bottom of the Owner tab is the following selection:
    "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects," select it as well.

    Once complete, you should be able to do what you wish with these files when
    you log back on as that user.
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