1.8ghz core 2 duo e2160 or 2.8ghz pentium d 820

Trying to save money by building around a 2.8ghz pentium d. Currently i'm running a 1.8ghz core 2 duo. Should I build with a 2.8ghz pentium d 820 or suffice with a 1.8ghz core 2 duo and wait for 2011 blackfriday for athlon II x2 processor? Why not choose the processor with the most ghz?

Current uses: video editing and rendering, autocad, casual gaming, graphing, excel, photoshop
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  1. Hello, and welcome to THG.

    First off try to go to the Systems section and ask for advise there. You will be greeted by many enthusiasts who will be glad to help you.
  2. I strongly suggest you avoid Pentium D's for any new build. If you have a Microcenter nearby, I recommend you buy a Phenom II x2 with the free MSI 785GM-P45. You build yourself a new computer between them and Newegg/Amazon/Fry's for under $300.

    What's your budget and what components do you already have?
  3. components:
    basically stock components from a dell 520 and gateway gm5066e.
    -other than that i've added ddr2 2x512mb 667mhz ram sticks from cosair xms2 and 2x1gb 800mhz gold edition sticks from ocz
    -radeon 2400hd
    -recently bought sapphire 4650 ddr2 64bit to eventually build around as well
    -these components are just off the top of my head but i'll respond later with a full component list if you must really see stock components of a dell and gateway

    -really I just want to mix and match components from these 2 computers to save several $ and my original plan was to spend $100 to work with the pentium d for a mobo, psu, heatsink
    -i'm willing to max out at $280 but i'd prefer to reuse components such as my ddr2 sticks & micro atx gateway case(the 4650 is definitely staying)
  4. Damn, my jacket sleeve just deleted my long email. The point being:

    1) The C2D E2160 is easily better than the Pentium D (cpubenchmark.net is handy). I recently overclocked my friend's E2200 (2.2GHz) to 3.0GHz in about 30min using the bios, HWMonitor, CPU-Z, and LinX.
    2) You should OC your DDR2 on the video card. I got extremely lucky and was able to get a stable 35% OC on my friend's 9600GSO with DDR2.
    3) There's not much you can do with that hardware, so you shouldn't invest any money that you can't carry over to your next computer. I might have some DDR2 667 1GB sticks I could mail to you--it's only 88 cents. PM me.
    3) You should get a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD. It gets great reviews.
    4) Consider going by a Microcenter and picking up the Phenom II x2 560BE bundled with an MSI 785GM-P45 mobo with core unlocking for $99. Then you just need a PSU and $50 of DDR3. I just built two of these and one unlocked to a quad core and let me OC it to 3.7GHz. The other only took 30 minutes to get up to 4.0GHz stably.

    I think that was it. I am gonna close my browser window and probably lose track of this page. Feel free to message me.
  5. Oh, I also meant to say that Windows 7 (especially cheap student versions) would make an excellent upgrade just like the Samsung HDD that you could take to your next computer. Amazon and Frys have the Spinpoint F3 for $55.
  6. A 1.8ghz C2D is MUCH faster than a Pentium D at 2.8ghz.
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