Which hardware is most likely to use pc-133 memory

is it laptop,older pc's using p4 technology,servers or routers
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  1. I think SDRAM (of which PC-133 is the top speed without overclocking) was used primarily before the P4 chips.
  2. The Beginnning of the P4, use Memory SDRAM PC-133. Which i've use it in school for practice. The Motherboard that i've use it is ASUS P4B. It have 3 slot of memory SDRAM PC-133. No promise, but it's a very old machine. And probably you'll be having difficult to find it.
  3. Why are you asking about PC-133?
  4. PC-133 was used in Pentium 3, early Pentium 4, early AMD Athlon, and various servers of the same era. It's not currently used by anything these days. If you're needing some for an old system, eBay or a local "Ma and Pa" computer shop would be a good place to get it, and it should be as cheap or cheaper than dirt these days.
  5. Dinosaur hardware.
  6. my server has 3 sticks of it installed gosh that thing is slow =]
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