Can i use core2duo on a DDR 2 motherboard?

i hav an intel pentium 4 processor wid DDR 2 memory..i wanted to upgrade it to core2duo..but i juz wanted to buy the core2duo that possible??or do i hav to buy a new motherboard too???will it work on a DDR 2 memory motherboard??i dont want to change my motherboard coz i juz bought 2 Gb of DDR2 RAM and a 1 GB NVIDIA graphic card!
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  1. Yes, No.

    YES : If your Motherboard support from Celeron to Core 2 Duo and the FSB minimum is 1066 MHz, the socket is LGA 775 than the answer is yes.

    NO : The opposite. Even if you have a motherboard with socket LGA 775 and the FSB is 1066 MHz, but without the pre requisite the limitation of the maximum processor type that support on your motherboard. than it's cannot use the Core 2 Duo.
  2. what specific motherboard do you have? There were several DDR2 LGA 775 motherboards at the time (~4 years ago) but without knowing for sure on your motherboard make/model it's just a guess.
  3. Need the system specs on this system to get to a definitive answer. Some p35 chipset boards can support 800/1066/1333 MHzFSB and also work with the old P4's as well. Motherboard type / model /manufacturer?

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  4. i am in a similar position here;
    i am in dual core2.5 GHZ in asus p5n73 am motherboard-
    the maximum permitted for my motherboard is referred here ...

    i know i am in a traditional and old technology.
    please assist me;i can't multitask in windows -- when i play sims 3 with the expansions the pc feels sick,
    not in ubuntu only in windows 7-- i plan to go for core 2 duo with more cache as this pc gets horribly slow;

    should i go for intel core2duo and core 2 quad if they can satisfy me at

    stable windows 7 os-- at times it stammers

    playing mostly sims 3 -- all expansions

    downloading softwares.

    i prefer to go for 3MB or more cache for my work--

    please guide me to the exact processor model with the above demands getting satisfied

    is it

    core 2 duo 8500 with 6 mb cache

    [Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16GHz,1333FSB,L2:6MB,rev.C0)]


    core2quad with 12 mb cache

    [Core 2 Quad Q9550S(rev.E0,2.83GHz,1333FSB,L2:12MB)]

    i thank you in advance
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